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Why You Should Put Your Child in a Montessori Preschool


Only the parents can understand what is right for their children, especially in the early stages of schooling when the child has started learning things. You may, therefore, consider the Montessori method, since the techniques used are well researched and with evidence. Read further to know their educational philosophy benefits:

Focus is on key developmental stages

The Montessori way focuses on the chief developmental stages in a child of age three to five years. With younger children, language and large muscle skills can be honed easily along with fine motor skills.

Encouragement to cooperative play

Considering that the classrooms are not run by teachers, the older students help carry out their activities for the younger ones. This inculcates in the children the feeling of sharing and working cooperatively, in turn learning and building a community sense.

Learn self-discipline

Though the Montessori way gives children the freedom to choose activities for each day and the time period for working at a particular task, it has certain ground rules as well, which are enforced by the students and teachers. Such an environment teaches the children self-discipline, and refines vital skills like self-control, concentration and motivation.

Creativity inspired by the learning method

As the children are free to pick their activities and to work on them according to their own preferences, they are encouraged towards creativity. The children in this method work more owing to the fun involved in working rather than thinking about the end result; this gives them leverage of concentrating more on the process than the result.

Individualised system for each student

Montessori programmes are easy and do not run at a set pace for every child. Instead, the children take their own time for their tasks at hand. Hence, the learning accelerates at the pace of every child individually rather than at the same rate for all the students in a class.

Hand-on learning curriculum

One of the major benefits of the Montessori method is that it follows the hands-on learning concept in the early learning stages. The method emphasises concrete instead of abstract learning as the activities deal with teaching maths, culture, English and even practical life lessons.


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