Maths Board Papers

2014 Paper 2013 Paper 2012 Paper
Delhi All India Delhi All India All India (2)
2011 Paper 2010 Paper
All India Delhi All India Delhi
2009 Paper
Delhi All India
2009 Papers
Set -1 Set -2 Set -3
2008 Papers
All India Delhi Foreign
2007 Papers
All India Delhi Foreign
2006 Papers
All India
2005 Papers
All India
2004 Papers
All India
CBSE Solved Papers

LearnNext is one stop solution for all your learning needs. Students can check their performance and preparedness for the CBSE exams through previous papers available at LearnNext. CBSE sample papers give students clear idea about the test pattern, marking system and time management. Students can also find out their areas of weakness and improvement. Practising previous question papers can help find out the areas of syllabus which require more preparation and attention. Moreover, students can boost self-confidence and performance by successfully solving previous exam papers and tackle the exam phobia efficiently. CBSE question papers for Class X and Class IX are available for student quick reference. Maths and Science [Biology, Chemistry and Physics] papers as per prescribed CBSE exam pattern. Know the exam pattern, improve your understanding, prepare better for exams using the sample papers, designed by experienced teachers of CBSE. Explore huge data bank of questions and answers.

Note : CBSE previous years solved papers are available only till the year 2010. For latest set of CCE Pattern term-wise question papers please refer to our Practice Papers section.