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What all you need to know about conceptual learning

What all you need to know about conceptual learning

Conceptual learning, also known as concept learning, refers to a learning method through which, students are trained to classify and organize information according to their mental logical structures. This method puts equal emphasis on the construction and acquisition of knowledge.

The construction of knowledge enables a student to depend on what is familiar to him/her or what he/she has experienced to comprehend any other subject matter. On the other hand, the acquisition of knowledge enables a student to gain knowledge from an acknowledged veteran.

The popularity of conceptual teaching is on the rise these days. Unlike the procedural learning method, which lays more emphasis on memorizing procedures, conceptual learning mainly focuses on understanding the concepts behind different procedures.

Many advocates of procedural learning think that memorizing procedures ultimately results in conceptual learning. However, it does not hold true all the time. Many studies have revealed that conceptual learning can eventually result in procedural learning; however, the reverse does not yield the similar result. Further, those who opt for procedural learning tend to grapple with tough times while using their knowledge in various unfamiliar situations, as they do not have proper understanding of the concept (s) behind the subject matter.

Usually, conceptual learning is greatly dependent on conceptual teaching. Therefore, the success of this learning method very much lies in educators. They should learn to consider various learning styles and make sure that their students have an in-depth understanding of the subject matter. Teachers should also follow various teaching methods to make sure that all concepts are explained clearly to students.

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